Iris 2 Iris Offers Online Video Chat Eye Contact


Psychological necessity for the eye contact during a conversation coupled with a rather ungraceful tilt of the head as the other fellow looks away from the lens at your face on the monitor keeps people wanting to set things back to normal. Iris 2 Iris is a veritable attempt to achieve the needed true-to-life effect.

Iris 2 Iris

Iris 2 Iris is a device that has been designed along the lines of a Teleprompter, with a built-in Logitech webcam that allows for looking into the lens and at the face of the person you’re talking to simultaneously. The manufacturers guarantee compatibility with all kinds of computers and laptops.

Yet there are two drawbacks to this new conversational facility – first, it’s rather expensive at the price of $2,443, second, it’s a cumbersome unit that will take up some place at your desk and set you wanting for them to develop it into a lightweight version soon.

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