The Heaviest Drinker Among Cell Phones


Now you can buy a cell phone that will be only too glad to share your can of Coca-Cola with you. It won’t be actually yelling for some when you buy your can, and it won’t purr once you have given it its share to show its gratitude, but get in the habit of pouring some Coke in. Why? So that its batteries won’t die of thirst.

Cell Phone runs on Coca-Cola

That’s right, this cell phone, designed by Daizi Zheng, gets powered on Coca-Cola, as well as other sugar containing drinks. Sugar makes its fuel cells generate electricity. The idea doesn’t actually belong to Daizi Zheng, but so far no-one had thought of making your cell phone environment-friendly by employing this technology.

Cell Phone runs on Coca-Cola

We may wake up one day to find a big brother of Zheng’s cell phone dominating the phone market having replaced all those beauties running on not too environment minding batteries. Oh, it won’t be happening for a while, and meanwhile Zheng’s drunkard may go one better on looks, but bio-batteries does seem to be a thing to grow.

Cell Phone Runs on Coca-Cola

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