Gigiway Musical Pen, a Magic Wand for Music Learners


Gigiway’s recent incomparable gift to music learners (oh, all music specialists) is called the Piano and Violin Learning Pen. An elegant though thickish affair with an in-built speaker at the end, it is no pen at all, but a hand scanner to read your music for you.

Gigiway Learning Pen

What you do is point the gadget pen-wise at a music passage and the ingenious device will play it for you, several times over and over, if necessary. You can «ask» it to slow down the pace at the most complicated places in the notation while you are letting it sink in properly. It can also explain the meaning of symbols.

Gigiway Learning Pen

There are two models available, GP001 and GP002, equipped with 1G memory card where you can store playbacks of about 10 music books.

Gigiway Music Tone Card

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