German Sam Charms Watch Lovers with One Line Watch


Designer Sam did quite a lot to make his country Germany noticed by all those who keep tabs on fashion watches. His One Line Watch concept certainly gets the public eye with a single curved line serving as both the hour hand and the minute hand.

One Line Watch designed by Sam

The hour end of the line is thicker and the minute one is thinner. The watch itself looks more like a snap-on bracelet, case and strap the same translucent piece made from the same material, adding a line and a color to your outfit.

One Line Watch designed by Sam

At a casual glance it looks as if the bracelet were scratched for an extra line (as darkness falls the watch lights up enabling you to read the time). So this analog watch is one of those gadgets that can easily be mistaken for something else but fall into place snugly as soon as you realize what it is. Spend a couple of minutes to get your reading right and look stylish with Sam’s One Line Watch, which is – naturally – pink!

One Line Watch designed by Sam

Source of the image: Gadgether.


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