Geeky Snowball Dress


If you’re looking for a dress to make a strong statement in, here’s a sexy’n’magic affair created by Janet Hanson. The dress is called the Snowball LED Mini Dress and it is really astounding.

Snowball LED Dress by Janet Hanson

The sexy charm is enhanced with the breathtaking length – sorry, shortness – of the skirt that will keep people goggling until you turn on the magic. You do it by flicking your finger. Then the shoulder straps of your dress light up in a spellbinding LED flash letting you steal the limelight whenever you feel like it. Now it’s up to you to pick out occasions that will bring out this dress to advantage. Only it is sure to be custom made, so you will be well advised to place an order in advance, and then – rise and shine!

Snowball LED Dress by Janet Hanson

Source of the image: Technabob.


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