New Gadget to Reduce Double Chin


A device that uses the vacuum cleaner technology can save us from double chin without any local surgeries. It promotes the breakdown of fat and improves skin tightness.


When it comes to the appearance of defects, the double chin in women causes the same disorder as cellulite. It is particularly painful to realize that the fat would never disappear from this face area whatever you do, and this defect can be removed only with the help of a plastic surgery.

However, it had been true until recently. Today, some beauty clinics offer the so-called vacuum technology, which not only helps to break down excess fat, but also to ensure the tightness of the skin. This procedure is almost painless and very expensive (over $1,500 for a course of 6 sessions), but the final results are sometimes startling.

The Reaction Skin Tightening combines radio frequency exposure and vacuum technology. According to plastic surgeons, this combination is able to penetrate through all the three layers of the skin. Thus, a special sucking device penetrates into the deeper layers, increases blood circulation, provides lymphatic drainage (lymph drainage from vessels) and breaks down fat accumulation.

Some patients have had the effect after the first session, but doctors recommend having at least 6 treatments. People do not feel any pain, but the feeling cannot be called pleasant. To understand what a man feels during such a session, you can draw a powerful vacuum cleaner as close to your face as possible. However, the most pleasant emotions arise after the course of treatment – when the double chin disappears, as if it has never been there.