Electronic Tattoos Monitor Heart Rate


Waterproof electronic tattoos can now watch the heart rate of a person while carrying out daily activities.


The scientists have developed a gadget that can be “imprinted” in the patient’s skin. It allows following the person’s health every day.

What Is Epidermal Electronics?

“Epidermal Electronics” was first demonstrated in John Rogers’ studies in the University of Illinois. The gadget consisted of ultra thin electrodes, wireless power systems, sensors and means of communication. This device can theoretically be implanted into the skin. However, a number of its significant drawbacks have been revealed.

Epidermal Electronics Problems

According to Rogers, the technology is particularly suitable for those, who work in the office, but swimming in the pool can violate the system. The new method of “printing on the skin” can make this electronic system more enduring.

Brand New Health Tattoo Stays 2 Weeks

The scientists found out that the ultra thin electronics can be implanted into the surface layer of the skin. This means that there is no need in elastometer, used during the earlier versions of the technology. After elastometer had been rejected, the size of the device became 13 times smaller. The tattoo, implanted under the skin, can stay for about two weeks, until the gadget is brought to the surface through natural exfoliation of the skin. After that, the implantation procedure should be repeated.

What Does the New Health Gadget Measure?

During the period of two weeks, the device will regularly measure the pressure, temperature, pulse, and skin hydration. The gadget will be especially useful for tracking wound healing processes in the body.