Electric Eco-Cigarettes Invented in Japan


Do you live or contact with a smoker frequently but would like to be protected from tobacco smoke? Good news for you! Japanese invented new electric cigarettes ECO Smoker, totally harmless for active and passive smokers. This high-tech thing has been developed by Japanese company Bikoudo Co., Ltd. New cigarettes fully simulate the process of smoking. Smokers will still enjoy burning, puffs of smoke and tobacco smell.

One of the most important things about new cigarettes is that there is no nicotine, so they are absolutely harmless both for smokers and people around them.

ECO Smoker costs $130 and you also need to buy detachable filters (per 0.87 each). You can use the filter 20 times before you should change it.

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  1. Would never smore such a crazy thing. Absolutely useless. Nothing compares to a real cigarette with real tobacco.

  2. I guess it’s going to take a while for the awareness of how genius these new smoking devices are. They solve so many problems that people are facing today that it’s incredible that people aren’t just jumping on right away.

    For a detailed look at the benefits of electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes…


  3. Hi Chris,

    Yes, you can legally smoke them in bars and malls and anywhere there is a smoking ban. In fact, when you get the Green Smoke starter kit, it even comes with a little business card that has info on it telling people that it is legal to smoke in no smoking zones. This helps SO much because you WILL be asked from time to time. It helps to have a card with documentation. 🙂

    Now, there is an issue with the airplanes. I found a great forum where airline workers are discussing this. It’s REAL interesting.

    BUT… at least with GreenSmoke, you have the card showing them the law. 🙂

    I’ve found articles where pubs and bars are actually purchasing these electronic cigarettes for their customers, so it’s cool there. I’m working to raise awareness because this could solve SO many problems!

    Hope this info helps you out. I’ve got more interesting articles on this issue on my blog, The Electric Smoker

  4. Have you ever been in love with mannequin? Personally, i would better quit than smoking some crazy Japanese gadget. (I lie, of course :)) Hey, folks, does it burn down? Can I make one of those tricks when you never shake ashes off your cigarette? Can this ECO thing do that? But it is great you can smoke it anywhere there is a smoking ban.

  5. I just broke the story on my blog…. the first real medical study done on electric cigarettes. They found that they ARE a SAFE alternative to cigarettes. The study was done by Health New Zealand Ltd. You can check out the full detailed findings by clicking the link on my blog called “New Study Concludes: Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe,,,”


    Now that the study has been done, hopefully more people will see this as a viable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. 🙂

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