“I’m Looking Through You” Dress People to Impress


They’re always telling us that past civilizations were much more developed than we give them credit to… So it may just be that we are reinventing the invisible cloaks from good old fairy tales as they really existed at the dawn of time.

Invisible Dress

This Invisible Dress is not the first in the line, but it is the most daring so far. It carries a live video camera fixed at the back that transmits the “background” picture onto the front. Once again, it won’t be the first flexible display around, and while the original idea sounds stunning, the actual effect may be a little out, so you won’t be able to gain the reputation fo a magician! On the other hand this textile-based display may be used to create less awesome but more beautiful effects with visualizations transmitted from your portable device.

Source of the image: emoiz.com.