DIY Nail Art Maсhine


What about making the rather expensive and bothersome nail art business devastatingly simple? Why go out and wait and stump up money for the dubious pleasure of a spa treatment? A piddling sum of $38 will make you the owner of a cute, almost toy-looking, pink and purple nail art printing machine. Here is a guarantee that you can have a new beautiful nail design as soon as you wanted to.

DIY Nail Stamper

Stay at home, get out your nail printing machine, call a friend over for more fun and get busy making your nails look better than ever before – that’s what it amounts to. There is a choice of more than 100 designs that are printed with 7 colors of nail polish from the set – white, yellow, red, green, blue, black, and clear. This DIY Nail stamper and printer will fix you up in several minutes’ time. It can accompany you everywhere. The set also includes 5 metal design templates.

Source of the image: Aliexpress.