A Cell Phone That Reports to Your Employer


There may be plenty of controversy over this, but there it is: KDDI, Japanese phone makers, hit upon the idea of producing a cell phone that will be able to keep tabs of whatever you are doing during your working hours and send reports to the authorities.

KDDI: A Cell Phone That Reports to Your Employer

A cleaner’s personal KDDI mobile, for example, is designed to recognize such actions as sweeping, cleaning, emptying rubbish bins and send signals to whomever it may concern. It also knows when the person is sitting or walking.

The vista of possibilities for employers to evaluate, supervise or spy on the performance of their employees is breathtaking, and they say that one of Japanese employment agencies is already breathing down the KDDI’s neck intending to make full use of the new mobile. The question of the new phones’ discretion as regards the bearer’s private life is still obscure.

Source of the image: Geeky-gadgets.com.