Cell Phone Becomes Mechanical: Switzerland’s X-VI-II


Among the exhibits at the Basel World watch fair soon to open in Switzerland there is expected a quaint intermixture of a 21-st century cell phone and a 20-century Swiss mechanical watch.

Celsius X-VI-II: Mechanical Cell Phone

The ingenious gadget is called the Celsius X-VI-II’s mechanical cell phone and there are 547 mechanical parts, some of which are visible working away right under the watch face.

The watch was created unique using a patented unique Remontage Papillon mechanism topped with a butterfly-like device whose wings spread out as it gets activated. The hinge of the phone carries a tourbillion.

The Celsius X-VI-II is wholly mechanical, powering from human energy.

The price of this luxury item is reported to be around €200,000.

Source of the image: Geek.com.