Be Your Own Dentist with Dentist’s Teeth Whitener


Dentist’s Teeth Whitener is another of those things that bring medicine into your bathroom and try to diminish the necessity of scurrying over to your dentist – as often as not half-mortified with the unfathomable horrors of what may expect you in the dental chair. Well, for just $49.95 you can bring down some of the teeth-fixing torments to a simple procedure that will quickly become a part of your make-up routine.

Dentists Teeth Whitener

In fact Dentist’s Teeth Whitener uses the genuine medical whitening technology that can get your teeth as much as four shades whiter per week. There’s medical-grade gel that does the whitening and a plasma light that you run over your teeth for a minute or two after you have applied the gel. It ensures the speed and quality of the whitening process achieving a 200% result as compared to that of any bleaching toothpaste.

The kit includes two mouthpieces, some whitening gel, and a shade guide to help you see how you are getting on. The gadget runs on three AA batteries (life uncertain).

Source of the image: Gadget.