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While sandwiches are recognized a harmful food, and the packaging of unhealthy foods will contain threatening inscriptions, there is good news: eating before going to bed is not so bad for the figure.


Flu, diarrhea, and eye infections are just a small part included into the list of troubles that smartphone users might suffer from. It turns out...


The researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) claim that the signs of aging may be the signs of heart disease. They had been...


We get sick especially often in autumn and winter. How can we improve our immune system and make the body more resistant to illnesses?...


Do you think it's only older people who experience memory loss? You're wrong. It may start at the age of 30.


According to the results of a study conducted in Australia, TV shortens people's life by about five years. Australian experts studied the data from the...


People having higher IQ levels are happier than less intelligent ones, claims a recent study.


The international encyclopedia "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM-IV) has included an article about Internet addiction. The disease is described as the...


It turns out, fructose-high diet can significantly reduce a person’s cognitive abilities. How to prevent this?


This October Breast Cancer Awareness will light up pink in Singapore by hand of Estée Lauder. Watch the beautiful pictures of how it looks.


Blood stroke is the second leading cause of death after myocardial infarction. This is why 29 October is Blood Stroke Awareness Day. Find out more about this disease.


Chinese experts from the Third Military Medical University have discovered new beneficial properties of green tea. A team of scientists led by Professor Yun Bai...

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