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Eating disorders those days grow to extend of a real epidemic, especially among young females trying to imitate their celebrity idols. Anorexia nervosa is...


The fashion industry is often accused of making women anorexic. Karl Lagerfeld claims, there are much more women suffering from obesity than anorexia, and exactly this problem should be solved first.


Nicole Scherzinger shares her problems in the past, such as eating disorders, and the way she battled them.


If a person is deprived of support once confronted with violence or bereavement, he or she risks becoming a victim of an eating disorder.For...


Not only teenagers and young women suffer from serious eating disorders accompanied by mental problems. Ladies in their fifties also struggle for slenderness using...


Demi Lovato feels the need to share her experiences along the way from eating disorder to recovery, and her urgency made her go bigger...


The 18-year-old three Teen Choice Awards winner has been discovering a lot about herself in the last half-year, what with her applying for medical...

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