Water Aerobics During Pregnancy Eases Childbirth Pain


Happy Mother with Her BabyMost women, even those who dream of having children, are afraid of childbirth. It hurts much, you never know how long it will last and if there will appear complications. My nephew’s birth lasted about 7 hours, my sister-in-law, his mother, says, it was complicated, exhausting and very painful. This is why anything (that, of course, doesn’t harm the baby) that could help ease the pain and make childbirth faster is a dream of every pregnant woman. Here’s something that does help. Brazilian scientists found out that taking water aerobics, or aqua aerobics, classes during pregnancy help significantly ease the childbirth pain as well as speed up the overall process.

Scientists from the University of Campinas (Sao Paulo) held a study which examined future mothers (71 women in total). Half of the participants took 50-minute exercise sessions at the pool three times a week. According to the results, 27% of women who exercised water aerobics required painkillers during childbirth, while this number in the control group was about 65%.

Aqua aerobics and swimming are considered the most suitable types of fitness for the pregnancy period. Water removes pressure from the spine, joints, and ligaments and provides optimal pressure on the pregnant woman’s muscles and cardiovascular system. In addition, pool exercises help relieve stress and learn how to breathe rhythmically.


  1. I like step aerobics because it gives me so much optimism. Btw, I attended step aerobics many times during the first pregnancy trimester (I actually didn’t know I was pregnant). The birth itself lasted about two hours and was ok (as ok as it can be, it’s still a delivery), without complications. I don’t know if it was so due to aerobics classes or I was just lucky.

  2. Mine was ok as well. I didn’t attend anything because I was too afraid to harm my son.

  3. Although water aerobics helps prepare for the childbirth I don’t think it’s safe for the baby because pool water contains chlorine which is toxic.

  4. How do you think pool water ie: chlorine, is going to enter into the baby s blood stream?? Not through the womans vagina obviously, so what do you cook your food in?? Probably tap water which contains CHLORINE!!! Relax a bit.

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