Swelling During Pregnancy


Swelling occurs quite often during pregnancy. And the gravity force is what makes swelling in legs especially noticeable. Usually, swelling becomes worse towards the evening and in hot weather. A pregnant woman has more water in her body, and that leads to swelling. Tissues store and retain water, causing a woman to swell.

Little Swelling

Little swelling feels uncomfortable and doesn’t look nice, but it isn’t harmful and is common on pregnant women. About 25% of women don’t have any visible swelling at all.

How to Fight Swelling

Avoid being on your feet or in a sitting posture for a long time. If you spend much time walking, you have to take a rest in a chair once in a while. If you spend much time sitting, you have to take five minutes long walks every hour.

Clothes and Footwear to Avoid Swelling During Pregnancy

Wear comfortable shoes (all these narrow shoes on heels pinch and feel uncomfortable, anyway). Walk in comfortable and soft slippers around the house.

Stay away from tight socks, pantyhose and stockings. Let your blood and water circulate in your body naturally.

Water to Prevent Swelling During Pregnancy

Drink more water. Some would say it makes no sense to fight swelling with even more water. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily, however, can help remove excessive natrium and other “wastes” that retain water in your body, resulting in less swelling eventually.


  1. You really have to strike that balance between movement and rest. Too much of either is going to lead to unnecessary swelling. I also agree with you on drinking water, the more you drink the better you will feel and the more you will flush out the bad from your body.

  2. I have personally found that drinking plenty of water does help with the swelling because it flushes out the system. When you do not drink enough water your body for maybe survival purposes tends to hold in more.

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