Bingo and Being Pregnant!


It is often said that ‘having a baby makes life beautiful’. In my case, even before my baby stepped into this world I started spending by shopping different varieties of baby dresses and stuffs. I bought some cute little socks at Forever 21, a small mosquito net, a purple baby blanket and a lot more. In the initial days of my pregnancy, I went out for shopping almost every alternate days, because I was really excited to get everything as soon as possible for my little one.


It was only when my delivery day was nearing that I was strictly asked by my husband and in-laws to totally cut back on activities. I was asked to do shopping online or hire someone to clean the house or take care of the yard. I was quite relishing the pamper and special treatment from everyone at this stage.

I went through the feeling of those first fluttering kicks and thought to myself whether it is the growing little one’s kick inside or it is just the wind. These kicks really made my day! I often use to send my husband out for chicken tandoori masala followed by dark chocolate ice cream at late nights. He sincerely handled my cravings and mood swings without any complaints like a would-be father naturally does.

Round the clock, my agenda was to search on the internet about how to take care of the baby and other things related to my pregnancy. To spend my time in a better way, my husband came up with a beautiful idea of maintaining a pregnancy diary, that would contain all my experience of my pregnancy days. Not just that, he also advised me to start playing some online games as they act as a stress buster and a great source of entertainment.

In my quest to keep myself engaged during my pregnancy days, I came across this bingo site called New Look Bingo. The site had a really attractive page design which was one of the major reasons why I got hooked on and the offer was really very lucrative as well. Initially I was really skeptical, but after thorough research I came to a conclusion that the site was safe and was really famous among the bingo players.

I started my journey with Free £5 that I got on registration and soon I became a depositor with £20. You can easily get hooked on to the bingo and slot games on the site along with the huge range of Jackpots. I was initially unaware of terms related to the game but soon I started getting and all because of the chat hosts with whom you can talk 24×7. They can not only be your next best mate online but at the same time they will keep offering free tickets and bonuses as a part of contest games.

Now I am a mom, and I have a lot to do for my little one, but still I manage to take some time off my mommy schedule to play a game of bingo and meet my friends on the chat. They have now become like a second family to me. So, I suggest to every pregnant woman out there, if you need something to entertain yourself with utmost ease and convenience then Bingo is definitely your thing!