Baby Who Grew in Abdomen Survived


Happy Mom and Baby British doctors successfully performed the surgery to save the baby who was growing not in the womb, but in the abdomen. Jayne Jones, 38, had repeating abdominal pains during her pregnancy. At a routine ultra-sound scan, doctors surprisingly saw a well growing baby outside the womb.

The embryo attached himself on the omentum – the layers of fat tissue with blood vessels that cover the bowel. One week after the scan, doctors insisted on the surgery because the pregnancy was dangerous for the mother.

The surgery involved 36 NHS staff whose efforts were rewarded and a boy was born weighing no more than 2 lb. Premature baby spent several months in an incubator. Today, the baby and his lucky mother are enjoying a healthy life.


  1. Why don’t you ever post links? I love the information that is shared on this blog, but more than once I’m left wondering where it comes from. And with something as especially strange as this story, a news link wouldn’t be misplaced for more info…

    Just a thought. Great blog, I read it regularly!

  2. Marissa, thank you for your warm words and for your interest. I don’t publish links, because I find news on different sites, many of which are not in English. I’m a lucky person – I speak three languages. And I don’t think it would be interesting for you to find more information in German, for example 🙂

    Sorry for not publishing the information sources, but, please, be sure, I don’t invent those news 🙂

  3. Well that’s certainly understandable, thanks for the explanation. I was just left wondering, since sometimes I would like to follow up to the source. And three languages! Very impressive. I speak a fair amount of french and just started working on italian – obviously a German link would be completely useless.

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