Women’s Talent for Multitasking Has Been Recognized


Researchers in psychology from the University at Hertfordshire, having carried out a study of multitasking abilities, inform us that women win over men hands down!

Tasks for women and men

University undergraduates, who were subjected to this entertaining investigation, were assigned a succession of tasks such as solving maths problems, reading maps, trying to elicit general information over the phone and find a key supposedly lost in a field, with an explanation of the strategy they employed.

Starting with simple maths and map reading, the undergraduates were coming on shoulder to shoulder, but as they passed on to more complicated tasks, female brains began to outstrip men’s. In the search for the lost key, where the participants were to show on a field drawn on paper how they would set about going through the field with a tooth comb, 70 per cent of women showed a much more efficacious performance.

“I was surprised by this result given the arguments that men have better spatial skills than women,” said Professor Keith Laws, commenting on the discoveries and especially the results of this task.

He added that women’s strategic thinking clearly exceeded the ability of an average male.

Isn’t it time to remember the lady detective writers of the Golden Age insisting that women can make better detectives than men?

Source of the image: Photl