Women Spend One Year of Their Lives on Choosing Clothes


Every day most women spend at least a couple of minutes on deciding what to wear for work, dinner, gym, walk, etc. How much time do we spend on choosing clothes through their lives?

Choosing a Dress

Although 10-15 minutes spent in the wardrobe can hardly be considered as a lot of time, but if those minutes are added up over the period of a lifetime the result turns out to be impressive – 287 days spent on choosing outfits.

Experts estimated, that on average women spend 16 minutes daily on choosing clothes, while on weekends they spend 14 minutes. The results of the survey, which involved 2490 women, showed that women need up to 20 minutes to choose an outfit for a night out and up to 52 minutes just to decide what to take for a trip (without the time spent on packing).

Moreover, it takes 36 minutes for women to decide what to wear for special occasions, such as formal dinners, holidays, or corporate parties.

The study was ordered by Matalan, a British clothes giant.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/melodi2.