Women Peak In Their Beauty By 31


Female beauty apparently peaks at the age of 31. It is by this point in life when women feel the most confident.

Beautiful woman

British shopping channel QVC commissioned a poll involving 2 000 men and women. Participants were asked to define a female appeal. The poll revealed a woman hits the peak of her beauty at 31. According to respondents, these women are more beautiful than 19-year-olds.

70 percent of those polled said that beauty is self-confidence. 67 percent reported appearance as the major factor in determining how beautiful a woman is. And 47 percent believe a woman’s style is a key.

Sue Leeson, the director of channel, commented the research shows that a true beauty is more than good looks but a combination of confidence, style and personality. The results oppose to a common belief that female beauty peaks at the young age. At 31, a woman is more confident than she is at 20. By that age she could gain some experience in self-perception and relationships with others.

Source of the image: Photl.