Women Cause Car Accidents More Often than Men


Where is men’s chauvinism manifested most often? When they comment on female drivers. There are a lot of jokes and anecdotes about driving ladies. Who manages a car more professionally? The answer that ended this dispute was found a few days ago.

Women get nevrous while driving

Two American experts from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Susan Ferguson and Kelly Brightman, conducted a study. Their report claimed that men were much more likely than women to get into an accident that caused death. The number of such accidents involving women was three times smaller.

Previously, the researchers concluded that the system of driver protection in a car was developed exclusively for men. A scientist from Sweden, Bertil Jonsson, conducted a study and found that women faced the three times bigger risk of getting a neck injury in an accident, if another car crashed into the rear part of their vehicle.

But if you look and analyze the overall accident statistics, you will see that women are more likely to cause an accident. If you believe the figures, ladies are blamed for causing an accident 12% more often than men.

Still, there are some other findings of the impartial scholars:

  • men treat the risk of getting into an accident less seriously than women;
  • men are less likely to use seat belts and they often drive in the state of alcohol intoxication;
  • men are more likely to drive at a higher speed;
  • men believe that they drive better than women.

Summarizing the data, we can say that they only reinforce the stereotype. Men drive aggressively and kill themselves in accidents. Women are careful drivers, whose shyness and fidgeting can cause less grave accidents, when they drive. Men believe that they drive better, so they do not like to sit in a car, driven by a woman.