Woman Made Cement Injections for Butt Enhancement


CBSNews has reported a wacky case of malpractice in which an unqualified man-turned-to-woman gave women butt enhancing injectio¬¬¬ns consisting of an unbelievable mixture that caused them grave bodily harm.

Cement injection for butt enhancing

The offender is one Oneal Ron Morris of Miami, Florida, 30. According to RadarOnline, the self-appointed doctor was born a man but opted to live a woman’s life. For a fee of $700 the transgender cheat undertook to make a woman whose identity is not revealed a series of injections supposed to play up her nether curves. What he injected was found to comprise cement mixed with fix-a-flat and some mineral oil!

She was arrested last Friday, found to possess no license and charged with causing grievous bodily harm after it was confirmed that her “patient,” whom he handled in May 2010, was suffering from painful aftereffects.

Miami Gardens police report say that when the woman began to complain of pains in her bottom and sides, Morris calmed her down promising that it was a temporary effect of the stuff she had been pumping into her and the pain would wear off soon. When it didn’t happen, the suffering lady went to a hospital for treatment again and again, but concealed the real reason behind her afflictions.

It is believed that Morris – who sports an impressive behind – had first tried out the mixture on herself and then proceeded to dish it out to other women, who are now too embarrassed to admit they had fallen victims to the bottom offender.