Woman’s Body Determines Child’s Sex


Woman with BabyWhile a woman normally wants to have a daughter, most men are sure to want a son – I know it from my own experience. If the man wants this wish to come true, he should be more attentive in choosing the partner and prefer stronger and masterful women, as exactly women with such character have more testosterone in blood. The more testosterone contained in the woman’s blood, the more likely the child will be male. So, this is woman’s body, who decides on the child’s sex.

The scientists have found, that women with higher testosterone levels give birth to boys more often. This became clear due to the following study. Along with measuring the testosterone level, the volunteers involved in the research were asked, how often they felt proud, resolute, self-satisfied, angry, aggressive. It occurs, that stronger and more resolute women give birth to boys, while women with less testosterone in blood are, as a rule, more caring, tolerant, sympathizing and usually have daughters.

The scientists have also found, that the ovule coming from the follicle is ready for fertilization by the sperm containing certain chromosomes. This means, that the organism of the woman determines, whether to bring a boy or a girl into the world.


  1. I’m sorry but, unless I have been lied to my whole life, this article is completely false. A woman’s egg carries an x chromosome and only an x chromosome, without exception. A man’s sperm is the deciding factor, as it can carry either an x or a y chromosome. If two x chromosomes develop into a child, it will be female, if there is one x and one y then it will be a boy. Therefore the man is the one who determines the gender of the child, and I doubt that the level of testosterone in his blood has any effect on it, it’s just random chance. At least this is what I was taught in school ( and I’m in college now).

  2. You’re quite right Eric – it is completely false to say that a woman’s body determines the sex of a child. It is purely through the male partner’s sperm; whether it carried an X or Y chromosome. (Explanation of how a child’s gender is determined is available in all medical texts, or in plain language on the internet, for example on Wikipedia.)
    This article is disturbing in that it cites no sources whatsoever: “The scientists have found” – hello? Which scientists?
    In fact, this entire site is full of articles that provide no sources for their claims. I would read them for entertainment only, NOT reliable information.

  3. Well actually a woman carries XX chromosomes and man carries XY chromosomes. the Y is a defective chromosome, therefore the women is dominant. I rest my case, Women rule the world, yep I said it.

  4. Actually you are all out of touch – more and more research is coming through that, despite the fact a male carries an x and y chromosome the female actually plays an important role in determining the sex of the child. Current research points not only to things like testosterone but also things like diet.

    Turns ouit it is actually a lot more complex than just turning up with a certain type of chromosome.
    FYI: I have a couple of scientific degrees and worked as a researcher for some years.

  5. Well, actually, there are also males with XX chromosone and females with XY chromosome. Having just a little bit of testosterone can cause a baby to develop a penis and therefore, a XX can still have a penis — which, we would determine male since our society judges sex based on the genitals, not the chromosomes.


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