Why Do Women Go Grey?


Scientists of Britain-based company Unilever conducted a large-scale study and found that a woman’s genes are more likely than lifestyle to cause greying hair. Earlier theories suggested that the rate of greying depended on such negative factors for health as stress or diet.

Grey Hair

Researchers studied more than 200 identical and non-identical twin sisters aged between 59 and 81. Identical twins, who share the same genes and are often confused even by close relatives, had identical greyness. On the other hand, non-identical twins, whose genes differ, had different rates of greying.

These findings substantiated the conclusion that women go grey because of genes.

You can’t change or influence your genes, but, fortunately, beauty salons are offering a great deal of hair dying treatments depending on the overall conditions of your hair, its color and other factors.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/elfey.