Traveling Makes People Younger and Sexier


Tourist trips help people become savvier and more sexually attractive. They also have a rejuvenating effect and increase working efficiency.

Woman traveling

The scientist David Eagleman, who is involved in the research of time perception in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, USA, says that traveling helps to feel younger.

The time seems more “compressed” to adults than to children. According to David Eagleman, tours to undiscovered places – and the more exotic the better – trigger the brain to perceive the world as a child would do. Whether the journey is long must not be that important. Even a week or two spent in an unusual place, will help “rejuvenate”, as the Fox News reports.

Besides the fact that traveling abroad enriches our outlook, it also helps become smarter and develop creative abilities. This is facilitated by travel planning and deliberation of possible situations that may occur in unfamiliar surroundings.

The American social psychologist William Maddux claims that those who live abroad, often develop the ability to be creative. By the way, he says this is the reason why he works in France. However, not everyone may develop creative qualities. Much depends on the tourists: if they stay in their room and watch TV when in another country, they are unlikely to become more talented.

After traveling people become more sexually attractive. Travelers return from their vacation not only with a sun tan, but with exciting stories as well. According to the research of the ItsJustLunch portal, traveling is one of the main topics for discussion at the first date, together with hobbies.

Source of the image: Photl.