Tips How to Choose Sunglasses


Woman SunglassesIt has been recently found, that the qualities of sunglasses depend neither on the price nor the kind of the lenses. Even if the glasses cost a lot and have the encryptions “Absorbing ultraviolet” or “blocking ultraviolet”, it doesn’t mean, that they are going to protect your eyes perfectly from the sun’s glare. Scientists recommend to buy sunglasses made by well-known companies and follow the following tips:

  • buy sunglasses protecting from UVA and UVB,
  • choose sunglasses with large lenses and wide sides,
  • buy sunglasses remembering, that the darker the lenses, the more your sunglasses protect your eyes,
  • and don’t forget, that blonds have more sensitive eyes than brunets.


  1. Actually, the darkness of the lenses does not affect the coverage of your eyes.

    Clear lenses protect you from UV rays just as well as dark lenses, so long as the lens material is UV protective.

  2. As Sunglasses Guy mentioned above, the type of lens does make a difference in the quality of protection from the sun. Lenses need to be UV protective in order to protect your eyes from damage the sun can cause. The price however, as with many things, does not always determine quality. Your mention of size is important as well, because having more coverage of the eyes and surrounding areas can also prevent signs of aging such as crows feet, etc.

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