Low Testosterone Levels Reduce Men's Quality of Sleep


A study by the Montreal University in Canada showed lower testosterone levels linked to reduced sleep in men. At 30 years, male testosterone levels start diminishing by about 2 percent a year. By 40, the quality of sleep also deteriorates.  Canadian scientists established the link between these two factors.


Study authors emphasize that the length of the so called “deep sleep” is crucial for the recuperation of body. In young men, this phase makes up to 20 percent of total sleep time. By 50, deep sleep period sinks to just 7 percent. Scientists explain this by the fact that, in young men, neuronal circuits that play role in brain activity are intact. With age, neuronal damage occurs, which impairs the synchronization.  This reduces testosterone levels and causes poor sleep quality. This fundamentally different insight into the problem (lack of sleep was previously thought to reduce testosterone levels) may change the ways it is treated. Hormonal therapy can be an option.

Source of the image: photl.com.