Snoring Makes One Older & Less Attractive


Researchers from the University of Michigan have found out that snoring makes a person older, ugly, and retarded. However, as soon as we manage to defeat this disorder, the appeal returns.

Sleep, morning

If the famous Sleeping Beauty had snored in her sleep, the handsome prince would have hardly dared to awaken her with a kiss. U.S. researchers found that snoring adversely affects a person’s appearance. Scientists have watched those who suffered from sleep apnea – a disorder characterized by strong snoring and brief stops in breathing.

The jury consisting of a number of independent appraisers were submitted pictures of 20 middle-aged patients with sleep apnea before and after treatment. It was found that people suffering from sleep apnea have puffy, swollen foreheads and red faces, making them less attractive. But once they get rid of sleep disorders, their former attraction came back. The number of wrinkles on the face decreased, as well.

The jury made up of 22 people not only placed these people according to their attractiveness, but also in most cases were able to identify the patients already known to them after the therapy. But experts did not see significant changes, which, however, are more typical of insomniacs, such as dark circles or bags under the eyes.

According to the authors, the results should become another reason for those who snore to start the treatment. Many of them will have to make a difficult decision, because modern methods of sleep apnea treatment require patients to wear special masks at night.