Sex Is What Makes Your Brain Develop


What works for laboratory rats may as well work for humans, at least in what regards sexual activity and (surprise!) brain development.

Love, apples

Brain growth having been found adversely influenced by upsetting situations and anxiety, a logical conclusion pointed in the opposite direction – that situations associated with a pleasant kind of stress may stimulate a healthy brain development.

Princetown University boffins set out to learn the truth. They formed three groups of male lab rodents. While the first group enjoyed an every-day possibility of mating with the female of the species, the animals from the second group had one dating day per two weeks. The wretched guys from Group Three were left uncared for.

Group One rats who led regular sex life showed excellent adult brain development with a significant increase in the brain cell interconnections. Consequently those blokes behaved with more assurance and didn’t hesitate for long to eat food in unfamiliar surroundings compared to their sex-starved peers.

So if you intend to keep your brain growing steadily, don’t miss out on this possibility to stimulate yourself scientifically.

Source of the image: Photl