Our Self-Esteem Grows With Age


European psychologists revealed that self-esteem depends on the age. The full study appeared in the Italian psychological journal Psicologia E Salute.


The study showed our self-esteem grows throughout adulthood but then plummets as we reach retirement age.

Researches examined the psychological state of 3,500 Europeans aged between 25 and 80. Younger participants demonstrated the lowest self-esteem. The self-esteem grew with age, peaking at the age of 60, which was then followed by a steep decline with seniors.

Researchers also revealed that women had lower self-esteem than man throughout their life.

Additionally, the study authors pointed out that higher income participants enjoyed higher self-esteem as seniors compared with their low income peers. The same was true for people who were satisfied with their family life.

Source of the image: photl.com.