How about Second-Hand Christmas Gifts?


Webtrends, a group of web analytics looking into the ways we employ the Internet, has concluded a survey on making Christmas gifts. See if you can guess what they discovered.


Out of 1,000 people covered by the survey 37% solve the gift problem by going straight to eBay (or other suchlike site) where they look for a second hand gift. Is it that surprising that all of them are ready to claim afterwards that what they gave you was a new thing?

Another common Christmas gift habit, according to the survey, is that every fourth individual will be tempted to try and find out what gift he will receive for the holiday. Buying your presents online you may want to cover up your activities!

Psychologist Amelia Wise, founder of Bloom Psychology, points out that there are good reasons for people wanting to know beforehand: “Perhaps men want to know what’s been bought for them by their partner so they can make an informed decision about what they buy in return.” Experiencing more trouble in choosing presents, men look around for hints and believe that knowing what other people have purchased may help them in their choices.

The survey goes on to say that 16% of people use eBay to dispose of their unwanted presents. Are most people still willing to keep them or is there some mistake in the survey?

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