The Pessimism Gene Found


Scientists at the University of British Columbia in Canada found out why some people tend to see everything in the worst light. It turns out that the thing is in the genes.

depressed woman

Scientists have found that carriers of the altered ADRA2b gene quickly get upset, become passive, depressed and desperate. Furthermore, it was found that genetic variation plays an important role in hormone and noradrenaline (a stress hormone, which, together with adrenaline, influences the reaction of flight or fight) production.

Professor Rebecca Todd says this is the first study to reveal that genetic variation has a significant impact on how people see and perceive the world. In the course of the study, 200 volunteers were shown positive, negative, or neutral words in quick succession. The results showed that people with the ADRA2b gene variation grasped negative words more often than other participants.

The authors say that these people are more inclined to pick out angry faces from the crowd. Instead of enjoying the beauty of nature, they think of potential hazards, such as slippery and rocky places.