Ovulating Women Tend to Wear Red Clothes


Women often wear pink and red clothes at the moment of maximum conception probability, but the law is violated in hot weather.


Why do men consider a red dress the sexiest piece of clothing? Scientists explain that women tend to wear red and pink when ovulating. Men can sense a woman’s hormonal changes and her pheromones. Therefore, there appeared a signal: a red dress – a woman is ready to conceive.

Scientists at the University of British Columbia in Canada and the University of Göttingen in Germany found the relationship between red clothes and the ovulation period in the course of a joint study last year. Their new study, published in the Plos One journal, suggests that a woman’s decision about the color of clothing is influenced not only by hormones, but also the weather.

In the previous study, the researchers had interviewed women about the color of clothes she wore during a month, and clarified the date of the recent menstruation. The closer to ovulation was, the higher the probability was that a woman would wear red or pink. But when the survey was repeated in the summer, no connection between ovulation and pink or red clothing was found. In summer, during hot weather, women have more options to increase their sex appeal at ovulation. For example, wearing fewer clothes – no matter what color they are.

When psychologists show pictures of the same women dressed in red and calmer colors, men choose photos in red as more attractive. This allows scientists to suggest that when a woman chooses a red dress instead of a black or a blue one, she subconsciously wants to increase her appeal for the opposite sex.