Only God Forgives Teaser Starring Ryan Gosling

Only God Forgives Teaser Starring Ryan Gosling


2013 will make Ryan Gosling’s fans happy with four new movies featuring him. Ryan will hunt gangsters, have a romance with Rooney Mara, rob banks on a motorcycle, and, finally, manage a boxing club in Bangkok.

Only God Forgives Starring Ryan Gosling

The latter case is about a new movie directed by Nicolas Winding Refn “Only God Forgives”.

Gosling plays a guy named Julian – he moved to Thailand a decade ago after he had killed a police officer in his native Britain. He owned a large boxing club in Bangkok and had been selling drugs. Local criminals had long considered him an ally, but during one of the operations there happened an unexpected thing – his brother was brutally murdered.

Julian’s mother (Kristin Scott Thomas), a powerful woman who manages a criminal group, has a goal of avenging his brother’s death.

Only God Forgives

A typically Eastern flavor, Gosling’s bulletproof look and sophisticated means of vengeance – let us watch the first teaser of the “Only God Forgives” movie.


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