No More Smokers in 50 Years?


Citigroup gave out an amazing bit of information telling that the habit of smoking has only about 50 more years to live on the developed area of the globe. The percentage of smoking people in the developed nations showing a constant decline in an almost straight line, Citigroup said, it’s quite possible that by 2050 the tobacco industry will have gone to seed and the statistics will show zero smoking. Going by the dropping graphs a date for each country to hit the zero mark can be predicted (should the trend continue).


Here are some roughly estimated dates telling when smoking may die out completely in 18 countries in different parts of the globe.

% of smokers in the population year of smoking end
Australia 17 2030
Belgium 20 2051
Canada 18 2040
Finland 21 2093
France 25 2118
Germany 23 2280
Greece 40 2231
Iceland 16 2033
Italy 23 2091
Japan 24 2054
Netherlands 28 2048
New Zealand 18 2058
Norway 21 2042
Spain 26 2056
Sweden 15 2028
United Kingdom 21 2040
United States 21 2046

• Source: Citi Investment Research and Analysis based on OECD, national data, TMA and JT data

Source of the image: Photl.