Most Frequent Women’s Worries


The experts have recently shown quite convincingly: women spend a big part of their life worrying. It is estimated that a woman spends at least a month every year worrying and feeling anxious about her appearance.


In particular, women are often worried about their hair, clothes, weight, body forms, and skin condition. During the week, this worrying can last for an average of twelve hours and four minutes, twenty-six days per year.

A lot of time is spent on casual and festive clothes selection. To be more precise, five hours a week are spent choosing a costume, and then a woman needs another hour and thirty-two minutes to feel worried and eventually make sure if the selected costume suits her.

The experts have estimated that the thoughts about having excess weight take one hour and forty-six minutes. Reflections on the need to gain weight last for twenty-two minutes. The anxiety about fat or curly hair takes fifty seven minutes of our life. Skin color and good complexion are also important for a variety of women. This is evidenced by two hours and twenty two minutes spent during the week. Among other disturbances, one can name the worries related to the size of the breasts. Some ladies think they have too small breasts, while others consider their breasts to be too big.