Men Spend More Time on Getting Ready Than Women


Men can now forget their jokes about the endless time women spend dressing up, using makeup and getting ready before leaving the house. A recent study shows that it has nothing to do with real life.

Man Needs More Time to Get Ready

On average, men spend 81 minutes a day for personal hygiene, which includes washing, skin moisturizing, shaving, hair styling and the choice of clothing. Whereas women spend 75 minutes per day for makeup, hair, clothing, cleansing and moisturizing skin.

Deciding whose turn it is to go to the shower is no more than a fiction of the script writers of comedy series. This very study claims that in the morning men spend 23 minutes in the shower, and women stay there for a little less – for 22 minutes.

Furthermore, men need 18 minutes for shaving, while ladies manage to cope with the ritual of shaving legs, underarms, and the bikini area in just 14 minutes.

Apart from that, men almost never know how much it costs to take care of themselves. For example, they estimate their cosmetic products at the price of 52.23 pounds (the study was conducted in the UK by the Travelodge company), while in reality they cost on average three times more – 156.69 pounds.

And the average man spends more time, almost 13 minutes, for the choice of clothing, while a woman needs only 10 minutes a day to choose the clothes for herself.