Men Are Concerned With What Their Mates Think about Their Penis


When it comes down to their bodies and the size of the penis, men are more concerned with what their friends think, rather than their girlfriend.


Scientists have called this phenomenon the “locker room syndrome“. According to the lead author, Annabel Chan, there are relatively little data about how men perceive their body because most of the research in this field is focused on women. It results in the fact that men can’t get enough therapy or advice if they need some support.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne looked at the locker room syndrome. The syndrome implies that men worry more what their mates think about their body, rather than their partner. They asked 500 men worldwide to submit their penis measurements. Men were also asked questions designed to establish the link between penis length, body image and mental health.

The men, aged 18-76 years old, were asked to specify their ideal body size and then compare this to what other men they thought would indicate. For the majority of men (65 per cent), ideal penis size was smaller than that they believed others would indicate. Volunteers were also asked whether they thought they would be more satisfying sexual partners if they had a bigger penis. According to Chan’s report, men were concerned more what other men would think about their size, rather than whether their penis size would make them better as lovers.

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