Man Reported His Mistress as Home Intruder


When Kevin Gaylor’s online friend came to see him and get to know him better at around 3am, the last thing she expected was to have the police called on her. Nevertheless that was the only idea the 24-year-old lady killer hit upon when he realized that he had to explain away her presence in the house – and fast.

Man cheating

Gaylor’s current girlfriend chanced to come back home unexpectedly early and was surprised to see that in the small hours of the morning her lover had another woman for company. The man retorted that she was a burglar who had broken in unbeknownst to him – and, to give it verisimilitude, he rang up the police and reported attempted burglary!

The Colorado Springs police arrived to rake up a story they don’t often get to hear… And though they must have been amused over it, they still charged Gaylor with a false report. No unlawful intrusion actually took place, it was just a poor ruse that backfired.

Source of the image: Photl.