Lost Sleep Can't Be Compensated at the Weekends


If you are used to not getting enough sleep on weekdays and working like a horse, you probably spend a great deal of time in bed at the weekends, thinking you can compensate for lack of sleep this way. However, the experts from the Medical College of Pennsylvania have another opinion.

Night sleep

They say, however much a person will sleep at the weekends, he or she would not be able to have a proper rest. The researchers acquainted a few volunteers with a certain scheme, which they had to follow during a specified period. During the first four nights, they had to sleep for eight hours, six nights after that – for six hours, as we usually do on weekdays. The following three nights, all the participants of the experiment were allowed to sleep for ten hours.

It was found out that long sleep on Saturdays can help to get rid of the state of sleepiness, but it cannot help to restore body strength and vitality. The researchers have noted that such a relaxation can help women more than men. Nevertheless, neither the former nor the latter can completely get rid of fatigue with the help of long sleep at the weekends.

Source of the image: Photl.