Laziness Gene Discovered


Now genetics know how to explain why some people are good and efficient workers, while others would rather sit around the house and watch TV all day long. Laziness gene has been found by scientists at University of North Carolina. They have discovered 20 genome parts responsible for laziness in mice and also selected a new, lazy, mouse breed.


Comparing these new mice to the ordinary ones, the latter ones can run 5 to 8 miles in the hamster wheel, while the former (lazy) ones could do only 0,3 miles. As scientists claim, one of the lazy mice put some sawdust into the wheel and arranged a “bed” out of it. If scientists know, where to find laziness genes in mice, then it has to be possible to find them in humans. And this would probably lead to perfect workaholics made of chronic lazybones, dream the scientists.

Update: scientists from the Missouri University conducted a series of experiments in 2013 proving that people with the laziness gene find it more difficult to work hard.


  1. It seems to me some scientists once injected me that laziness gene, coz I’m soo lazy to stop watching tv or waking up in the morning 🙂

  2. The same with me. Moreover, I’d make that kind of bad in my office, just like the lazy mouse)))

  3. I didn’t used to be lazy, I formerly was ultra-active. Maybe they’ve been secretly testing it on me, haha!

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