Fat Women Not Allowed to Use Suntanning Salons


The scandal erupted in the US Ohio state, in mid-April. American woman Kelly McGrevey told the reporters that she had been forbidden entrance to the solarium because of her overweight. It turned out that the problem existed in almost all the salons.

Women become obese after 40

The beds in horizontal suntanning salons are made so that the lamps are covered with acrylic sheets. This material is durable, however, it has some limitations. In the suntanning salon, where Kelly wanted to come, she was explained that the weight limitation was 230 pounds (just over 100 kg). The woman accused the salon of discrimination.

In response, the experts advised the woman to look for a salon with a vertical solarium. Secondly, she was recommended to opt out of UV exposure. As a matter of fact, obesity causes weakening of the immune system, which is even associated with the risk of cancer. The people suffering from obesity get melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer) 74% faster than those with a normal body mass index.