Eurovision 2010 Final Results


Oslo, Norway – The Grand Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s largest and most favorite music TV show, is over. 20 countries that qualified from the semi-finals were joined by the big four (United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany) and the last year’s winner and host country Norway. With so many brilliant solo performers and bands on one stage, it was impossible to predict the outcome of the contest. Check out our first impressions from Oslo!

Eurovision 2010

  1. Safura from Azerbaijan has opened the Final. Though the first act is always the hardest for any performer, Azerbaijani singer was confident on stage. Her song, Drip Drop, received warm reception from the hall.
  2. The audience has seen Daniel Diges on the Telenor Arena’s stage for the first time as Spain is one of the pre-qualified countries. Daniel demonstrated great vocal ability and artistry. Unfortunately, midway through the performance, somebody from the audience got on the stage and Spanish act had to be re-performed.
  3. Next in line was Norway. Understandably, the hall exploded into cheers welcoming a host county’s entry. Didrik Solli-Tangen performed a piano and orchestra backed ballad My Heart is Yours. The song’s culmination was accompanied by pyrotechnic effects and numerous Norwegian banners waiving in the air. That was a very warmly emotional moment.
  4. It was difficult for Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira to perform after the host country. But Moldova’s entry again electrified the audience with their dance floor anthem Run Away. Every person on stage, from the violinist and sax man to lead singers and backing dancers were really cool on stage.
  5. Then Jon Lillygreen & The Islanders from Cyprus appeared on stage. The international band looked as simple and relaxed as they were during the second semi-final. It was great listening to their upbeat Life Looks Better in Spring song again.
  6. Time for rock! Vukašin Brajić from Bosnia & Herzegovina wearing his lucky red jacket gave Oslo the powerful performance of his Thunder and Lighting.
  7. Tom Dice is not afraid of chasing his dreams. The guy with his guitar, without any props or expensive visuals, once again wowed the audience of 18,000. His performance was so sweet that his voice seemed to linger in the air after he finished.
  8. Now it’s Milan Stankovic from Serbia taking the stage. He was remembered from the first semi-final for his eccentric outfits and in-your-face hairstyle. Milan was wearing the same costume and his performance went down well in the hall.
  9. The next act was a dramatic opposite. Belarusian band 3+2 were very official and classic in their dresses and used maroon drapes as a backdrop. Their vocal performance was just brilliant.
  10. Next in line was one of this year’s favorite. Niamh Kavanagh wearing her posh long purple dress definitely gave one of the most powerful vocal performances so far. The crowd erupted into rapturous applause when she finished singing.
  11. After two ballads in a row, Giorgos Alkaios & Friends from Greece moved the arena with their enthno-pop song Opa. The band had impressive stage presence and used lots pyrotechnics to accentuate the joyous party feel from their song.
  12. Another pre-qualifier, the UK, was represented by the 19-year-old Josh Dubovie with his pop song That Sounds Good to Me. The audience received the performance very enthusiastically.
  13. Sofia Nizharadze from Georgia who convincingly qualified from the second semi-final was even better at the Final. Gorgeous and vocally strong, she gave a very soulful performance of Shine. The dramatic effect was magnified by outstanding choreography.
  14. The leading Turkish pop rock band maNga gave no break to the audience. With their energetic We Could Be the Same, they kept the hall clapping and dancing all the way through their performance.
  15. Next was Julia Pasha from Albania. She didn’t let the audience to catch breath with her stomping It’s All About You.
  16. Hera Björk from Iceland continued synthpop theme with her hot and danceable Je Ne Sais Quoi. Hera was loudly received as she appeared in the spotlight. The singer kept the arena galvanized to the very end of her fascinating performance.
  17. Now it was Alyosha’s turn to take the stage. The way she gave her dramatic Sweet People got the audience at the second semi-final. The Ukrainian singer was as remarkable at the Final, too. Everyone in the stadium was standing holding their breath!
  18. Another pre-qualifier, France, sent a very charismatic singer, Jessy Matador, to compete in the Final. With their soccer fever inspired Allez Olla Ole, Jessy, his dancers and backing singers immediately created a wild summer party feel in the hall.
  19. Paula Seling & Ovi from Romania set the stage on fire again. They used more pyrotechnic effects than anyone at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. That is, obviously, to fit the vibes of their hot Playing with Fire act.
  20. Peter Nalitch & Friends took the stage to bring some melancholy, thought and theatrical satire to the stage in Oslo. The band’s performance was warmly received.
  21. Eva Rivas used lots of visuals to impress the audience and viewers. There was an animated apricot stone, out of which apricot tree was growing, and waterfall on stage. Armenian entry was warmly welcomed by the Telenor Arena.
  22. The 19-year-old overnight German star, Lena, represented the country in the Final. She was talked about as one of the favorites of this year’s show. Her performance was simple but very vibrant and quite convincing.
  23. The next in line was Filipa Azevedo from Portugal. She used a sea purple shades a backdrop and her performance was as impressive as it was in the semi-final.
  24. Portugal was followed by Harem Skaat from Israel. The audience heard another soulful ballad. Apart from his brilliant vocal prowess, Harem has one of the most beautiful smiles among male participants this year.
  25. The last act in this exciting megaphone of 25 songs was the Danish due Chanée & N’evergreen with their catchy pop song In A Moment Like This. With the wind machine and spectacular props, the due looked glamorous and made a remarkable finish of the whole show.

The Final was watched by over 120 million TW viewers from 45 countries across the world. The voting started at the beginning of the show and continued all through the end. The announcement of results was different from the scheme that was used at the semi-finals. Each country announced its votes in the order that was previously determined by a draw. The absolute winner was Germany! Turkish rock band maNga captured the second place. And, quite unexpectedly, Romanian duo finished the third.

Eurovision Winners

Here is the top ten of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

The Winner: Lena from Germany

  1. Germany
  2. Turkey
  3. Romania
  4. Denmark
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Belgium
  7. Armenia
  8. Greece
  9. Georgia
  10. Ukraine

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