Eurovision 2009 Final Results


It finally happened! Today we all followed the fantastic Eurovision 2009 final. There were amazing performances, the decorations provided by New York-based set designer John Casey looked stunning. The fact that the stage was made up of various types of LED screens made each show look absolutely different and unique. It was beautiful! There were many really catchy songs at Eurovision 2009. The truth is, if after the performance part of the contest is over and everybody’s voting, you keep on singing one of the songs – this exactly song has all chances to win.

Eurovision 2009  

For the first time in the history of Eurovision an “unearthly” team gave the start to the earthly voting. The international space station connected to the live broadcast and started the voting with the famous word said by Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first astronaut – “Poekhali” (“Let’s Go”) – when he was departing. So, Russia was really very creative in organizing the contest. As executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Svante Stockselius, it will be very difficult to make a better show.

Eurovision 2009 Results

And now you surely want to know the winner of Eurovision 2009 song contest. Here are the results. The first place at this Eurovision song contest went to Norway (Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale”). Congratulations to the winner! The second place went to Iceland (Yohanna – “Is It True?”). Azerbaijan (AySel and Arash – “Always”) was #3.

So, again:

  1. Norwegian Flag Norway (Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale”)
  2. Icelandic Flag Iceland (Yohanna – “Is It True?”)
  3. Azerbaijani Flag Azerbaijan (AySel and Arash – “Always”)
  4. Turkish Flag Turkey (177 points);
  5. British Flag United Kingdom (173 points);
  6. Estonian Flag Estonia (129 points);
  7. Greek Flag Greece (120 points);
  8. French Flag France (107 points);
  9. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina (106 points);
  10. Armenian Flag Armenia (92 points);
  11. Russian Flag Russia (91 points);
  12. Ukrainian Flag Ukraine (76 points);
  13. Danish Flag Denmark (74 points);
  14. Moldavian Flag Moldova (68 points);
  15. Portuguese Flag Portugal (57 points);
  16. Israeli Flag Israel (53 points);
  17. Albanian Flag Albania (48 points);
  18. Croatian Flag Croatia (45 points);
  19. Romanian Flag Romania (40 points);
  20. German Flag Germany (35 points);
  21. Swedish Flag Sweden (33 points);
  22. Maltese Flag Malta (31 points);
  23. Lithuanian Flag Lithuania (23 points);
  24. Spanish Flag Spain (23 points);
  25. Finnish Flag Finland (22 points).

Norway was the leader from the very beginning of the voting results announcement (Norway got 387 points, which is a record). And there was no doubt that he was going to win Eurovision 2009 song contest in Moscow.