If a Dog Is Allergic to Owner


If a Dog Allergic to OwnerGood news for dog-loving people. Finish veterinarians promise to help dogs that are allergic to their owners. “While we know that 15% of people are allergic to pets, nobody cares about pets being allergic to their owners”, – Dr. Minne Rayamyaki from the University of Helsinki says.

The scientist thinks that allergy in dogs and people is caused by the same allergens. They are often hair, particles of flaking epithelium and scurf. If your dog suffers from allergy, bring your pet to a vet’s office. Allergic tests could help veterinarians determine allergens for each case and prescribe treatment.

Here are some easy tips to lower the risk of allergy in your dog. Avoid long contact and sleeping with the allergic dog. Make sure your salvia and particles of skin don’t fall on your pet. Don’t tighten dog collar and muzzle so your dog can breathe freely.