Deleting Your Facebook Account Improves Your Intellect


Reluctance to use social networks indicates intellect and strength of will, according to a group of sociologists and psychologists from Austria led by Stefan Stieger.


Stefan Stieger, Christoph Burger, Manuel Bohn and Martin Voracek conducted a survey of 310 Facebook users, which deleted their accounts, as well as 321 regular users.

Among the refusers, 71.5 % are men, aged approximately 31 (although there were people from 11 to 75). They live in 47 different countries on all five continents. The average number of “abandoned” people in their friends list is 133. Before deleting their Facebook account, these people had spent an average of 1.9 hours per day on it, and their accounts had approximately existed for 26 months.

Why Do People Delete Their Facebook Account?

  • It turned out that those who left the world of social networks are more conscious in everyday life, more punctual and careful.
  • Thus, the main motive for the refusal of the account was a concern for their personal data security (48%).
  • The second reason is the person’s growing dependence on Facebook (6%). People felt too deeply and permanently immersed in the virtual world, and they decided to cut it short with a click.
  • The third reason the respondents’ dissatisfaction with the behavior of their Facebook friends (12,6%). They did not like it when someone began to demand to add him or her to their friend list or persistently invited to an event, etc. People rightly felt that virtual and real friends are a completely different concept.
  • The fourth reason to remove the page was a global disappointment in social networks as such (13.5 %).