Dark Lightning Hits Airplane Passengers with Radiation


The scientists in Florida have discovered that the “dark lightnings”, discovered in 1994, are quite dangerous for the aircraft crew and passengers.


This lightning creates the gamma radiation exceeding nuclear reactor discharge in its intensity. If the aircraft with the crew and passengers happens to be under the “dark lightning”, everyone will get a dose of radiation exposure, exceeding the annual rate.

“Black lightnings” occur at the height of ten – twelve kilometers, and this height is the main route, used by airplanes. Visually, the lightning can not be seen, but the energy of this lightning is much more powerful than the X-ray.

Pilots do everything possible to try to circumvent this phenomenon of nature, but they can not always manage to do it. As a result, the passengers will get a huge dose of radiation, having absolutely no idea about it. It is now difficult to trace the origin of the dark lightning since its nature is relatively poorly studied by scientists. In order to study the “dark lightning,” the researchers are planning to use a special spacecraft – the “Fermi” observatory.