Calm Parents Have Healthier Children


Crying ChildYou’ve probably heard the fact, that anxiety of pregnant women makes their future babies restless, too. Scientists at University of Rochester claim, nervousness of both parents undermine child’s immunity, moreover, a child living in such a family runs the same risk. The scientists have conducted a study involving 169 families in order to find, how parents’ behavior and feelings influence their children’s health.

Every 6 months pending 3 years the researchers estimated the emotional state of the parents and the level of health of their children. It has been found, that unjustified nervousness of fathers and mothers have negative effects on their children’s health – it undermines the child’s immune system. Children living in such families are in poor health more often, as they are very sensitive to their parents’ anxiety. Researchers hope, that the data obtained during the study will make nervous parents calmer and stop worrying about trifles.


  1. Hi,
    I’m a parent of a beautiful soon 8yr old girl. I’m shouting at her sometimes and turn into a nerve rack after i realize that it was wrong. I do it time again and really want to stop and learn how to stay calm in what ever situation we are in together.

    She’s doing the same shouting thing and realy don’t want her to learn my behaviour. I’m a 36yr old over weight of 107kg(around 300 pounds) along with stress and other uncomfert feelings which i know causes the shoutings.

    Please tel me what to do and how to handle things in a better way . My desire is just to be a better an much calmer mother , wife and to myself.

    Thank You for your help!!!

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